‘विदेह’ १५ जून २००८ ( वर्ष १ मास ६ अंक १२ ) १६. VIDEHA FOR NON RESIDENT MAITHILS VIDEHA MITHILA TIRBHUKTI TIRHUT—

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The site near Darbhanga Railway Station, Harahi, meaning in Maithili language, the site of bones is still unclassified and unstudied. The study of primitive castes and tribes of Mithila may however be conducted. As early as the 5th century A. D. several tribes made up the Vajjian Confederacy one of the constituent was Lichhavis, for a long time they were considered as foreign stock Jyotirisvara’s Varnaratnkara enumerates various other tribes, namely, Tatama, Dhanukha, Goara, Khatbe, Amata.
The Brahmanas did not cross Sadanira. When Malhava reached the Sadanira he asked the Agni, where shall be his abode. Agni replied that to the east of Sadanira. Agni did not burnt the Paurava territory including N. Panchala and the Ayodhya as these were and they remained cultivated regions even in early times which is absurd. 1f it enshrines any historical truth, it might mean that the reformed Brahmanism passed from the Bharata Kingdom to Ayodhya and then to Vidcha.

Videha country was following Vedic culture long before the Brahmana age in the early Samhita age of the Rigveda. Yajurveda Samhita mentions the cows of Videha as particularly famous in Ancient India. In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Samrat Janaka is mentioned as a great patron of Vedic culture and the Videha Brahmanas were superior to the Kuru Panchalas in the Upanishadic phase of the development of Vedic culture. A particular sacrificial rite fire adds, Gautama Rahugana is credited with the discovery of the Mitravinda sacrifice, further revived by Emperor Janaka, through Yajnavalkya. Nami Sapya Vaideha Raja performed elaborate sacrifices and reached heaven, the name of this King appears in several passages in the Rigveda , e.g., Nami was the friend and associate of Indra in quarelling the Asura Namuci and in the fight with Namuci Indra protected Nami Sapya.

Maithila Raja learnt the science of fighting with mace from Duryodhana. When the centre of power shifted from the city of Mithila to the city of Vaisali about 34 kms. north of Muzaffarpur, here the Videhan princes formed one of the eight important clans of Vajjian confederacy.
During the age of Mauryas Mithila became subject to the suzerainty of Magadh but Lichchhavis were not completely exterminated. Their name ,however, is conscpicious by its absence at the Second Buddhist council held in c 377 B.C or when Asoka installed an uninscribed pillar at this place in 250 B.C. But after two centuries from then Kautilya speaks about Sangha form of government and advises King Chandra-gupta Maurya of Magadha to seek the help of these Sanghas which, on account of their unity and concord were almost unconquerable.
During the age of the Guptas the Lichchhavis appear to have possessed considerable political power in North East India. Chandragupta has Lichehhavi wife Kumaradevi. Chandragupta II ‘s son Govindgupta was the governor appointed over the Province which came to be known as Tirabhukti. Excavations at Basarh, the ancient site of Vaisali have yielded a hundred and twenty varieties of seals, and a variety of coins of the Gupta Age. The seals are those of Officials, which were attached to the governors or chiefs of that district residing at Vaisali. The number of seals attached to letters sent by merchants and bankers, point to the large commercial transactions that were conducted in these days between the chiefs and important traders from Patliputra and other cities. It seems that a chamber of commerce like institution was in force.

(c)२००८. सर्वाधिकार लेखकाधीन आ’ जतय लेखकक नाम नहि अछि ततय संपादकाधीन।

विदेह (पाक्षिक) संपादक- गजेन्द्र ठाकुर। एतय प्रकाशित रचना सभक कॉपीराइट लेखक लोकनिक लगमे रहतन्हि, मात्र एकर प्रथम प्रकाशनक/ आर्काइवक/ अंग्रेजी-संस्कृत अनुवादक ई-प्रकाशन/ आर्काइवक अधिकार एहि ई पत्रिकाकेँ छैक। रचनाकार अपन मौलिक आऽ अप्रकाशित रचना (जकर मौलिकताक संपूर्ण उत्तरदायित्व लेखक गणक मध्य छन्हि) आकि केँ मेल अटैचमेण्टक रूपमेँ .doc, .docx आ’ .txt फॉर्मेटमे पठा सकैत छथि। रचनाक संग रचनाकार अपन संक्षिप्त परिचय आ’ अपन स्कैन कएल गेल फोटो पठेताह, से आशा करैत छी। रचनाक अंतमे टाइप रहय, जे ई रचना मौलिक अछि, आऽ पहिल प्रकाशनक हेतु विदेह (पाक्षिक) ई पत्रिकाकेँ देल जा रहल अछि। मेल प्राप्त होयबाक बाद यथासंभव शीघ्र ( सात दिनक भीतर) एकर प्रकाशनक अंकक सूचना देल जायत। एहि ई पत्रिकाकेँ श्रीमति लक्ष्मी ठाकुर द्वारा मासक 1 आ’ 15 तिथिकेँ ई प्रकाशित कएल जाइत अछि।


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